Monday, January 26, 2009

Had 'Em All

This year I've had every make of sled: Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Ski Doo and now Polaris.

I'll be out riding the trails today and post the trail conditions tonight. Pictures to come as well. If you see me riding, say "hey"! The trail condition report from Lee Center Trailbusters is as follows:

The entire north end of the system was groomed last night to West Leyden (C7 & C4A) and Point Rock (C41) by Tim Hyde and helper. The south end was groomed by Mark Destito and helper down to the towpath (C7D) and over to the Beeches (S73B). Conditions are good to excellent.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Only when the plow is broke down.....

Does it snow consistently.
Not that I'm complaining, mind you.......
Received another 5 inches of snow overnight, the banks are getting pretty high here!
It was ~~~fRiGiD~~~ here yesterday, and for today as well. We are expecting a high of 2 (as in two degrees). Overnight we are expecting -20 and we will see what the temperatures go down to here in Lee tonight. We have an indoor/outdoor digital thermometer that we will keep track of throughout the night.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday January 10th

Rode aprox 100 -130 miles yesterday in the Lysander, Cato, Baldwinsville area. The trails were the best I have ever seen them with low traffic; the ride was very nice with only one major water area to worry about, and that was leaving Flo Jos and heading to Suthers Hill - please use ~*~caution~*~ as that hole is deep! We made it across but it was difficult, a slower sled would be EASILY swallowed by this hole.
Thanks to all the area clubs working very hard to keep this sport we love that there is so much up and running.
Reminder if riding in the Lee center area on Sunday: the blessing of the sleds will be happening at 1:30 Sunday January 11th. This church is located across from the Colonial resturant and will have a groomed trail to the church for sled access. Thank you.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We are expecting between 13 and 24 inches of snow over the next 2-3 days (depending on the elevation) and look forward to riding this weekend! It was in the mid 30's today - enough to melt the snow and slush off the roads today, but is expected to be a high of 32 tomorrow (Wed) with a low of 20 tomorrow night, and Snow Snow Snow! Cold conditions at nighttime for the next few days - Thursday expected to be a high of 24 with nighttime low of 12.
There will be a trail update posted for the Phoenix, Fulton, B-ville area by Saturday as those are the trails I am hitting this Friday, along with a stop at FloJo's and a trip up Suther's Hill in Cato.
The entire north end of the system was groomed last night to West Leyden and Point Rock (C4A, C7 & C41). Jason Von Matt and his wife groomed the south end to the towpath (C7D) and down the Chestnut Street Spur (S72B). Today, a trail will be opened to the Grace Baptist Church for this Sundays "Blessing of the Sleds" (don't miss this!) and the south end will be groomed over to Town Line Road and down to the Delta Lake State Park (C7P). -- latest update from Lee Center Trail Busters website, Tues Jan 6

Friday, January 2, 2009

Here Comes The White Gold!

**Update**10:00pm - I have heard talk of the Lee Center and Tug Hill area receiving 8-12 inches in spots. It has been heavily snowing and we have gotten at least 5 inches of powder lake effect snow. We'll see what the morning brings!
10:00am - We are expecting 1 to 3 inches of new snow today, it has started snowing here in Lee, as of now we have a dusting to an inch of new Lake Effect snow.
Currently 16 degrees, feels like 3!
The National Weather Service has issued a Lake Effect Snow Advisory for Northern Oneida County from 5pm tonight to 7am Saturday morning with expected accumulation of 4 to 8 inches!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's A Brand New Year!

We currently have 8-14 inches of snow on the ground, the last snowfall we got was yesterday at around 4 to 8 inches of new snow. It has been frigid COLD with temperatures reaching ten below zero overnight - hope you have your helmet warmer working!
The trails seem to be ~~FAST~~.
Expect ice and some dirt around turns, especially higher traffic areas.
Not expected to have any new snow today.