Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We are expecting between 13 and 24 inches of snow over the next 2-3 days (depending on the elevation) and look forward to riding this weekend! It was in the mid 30's today - enough to melt the snow and slush off the roads today, but is expected to be a high of 32 tomorrow (Wed) with a low of 20 tomorrow night, and Snow Snow Snow! Cold conditions at nighttime for the next few days - Thursday expected to be a high of 24 with nighttime low of 12.
There will be a trail update posted for the Phoenix, Fulton, B-ville area by Saturday as those are the trails I am hitting this Friday, along with a stop at FloJo's and a trip up Suther's Hill in Cato.
The entire north end of the system was groomed last night to West Leyden and Point Rock (C4A, C7 & C41). Jason Von Matt and his wife groomed the south end to the towpath (C7D) and down the Chestnut Street Spur (S72B). Today, a trail will be opened to the Grace Baptist Church for this Sundays "Blessing of the Sleds" (don't miss this!) and the south end will be groomed over to Town Line Road and down to the Delta Lake State Park (C7P). -- latest update from Lee Center Trail Busters website, Tues Jan 6

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