Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday January 10th

Rode aprox 100 -130 miles yesterday in the Lysander, Cato, Baldwinsville area. The trails were the best I have ever seen them with low traffic; the ride was very nice with only one major water area to worry about, and that was leaving Flo Jos and heading to Suthers Hill - please use ~*~caution~*~ as that hole is deep! We made it across but it was difficult, a slower sled would be EASILY swallowed by this hole.
Thanks to all the area clubs working very hard to keep this sport we love that there is so much up and running.
Reminder if riding in the Lee center area on Sunday: the blessing of the sleds will be happening at 1:30 Sunday January 11th. This church is located across from the Colonial resturant and will have a groomed trail to the church for sled access. Thank you.

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